Located in Omaha, NE, International Nutrition has a strong international and national presence manufacturing feed grade and water soluble nutritional and medicated products for livestock and poultry.

Our Mission

What We Set Out to Do

Contrary to our typical client, International Nutrition was not interested in needing a website redesign, rather they were looking for something with a little more strategy and whole lot more of detail (and we’re not talking fancy design stuff here). They were ready to recreate their existing Pricing Sheet Portal, a dashboard in which clients could log in and see their prices for each product in real-time. But it gets a little more complicated than that. The dashboard needed to have:

  • Multiple user roles: Admin, Sales, Customer Service, and Client
  • Distinct rules for each role
  • The ability for Admin to make global price changes, while also giving the assigned salesperson the freedom to override this change
  • The ability to make changes to the dashboard, such as adding new products or adding new clients
  • Options to print single or multiple pricing sheets
  • The ability to track notifications, appearing only for the users in which the action affected
  • The ability to track both internal and client-facing notes
  • Email notifications for at least 3 different actions
  • A function that made it easy for clients to contact their assigned salesperson and customer service
  • Robust search capabilities

Services Provided

Responsive Web Design & Development

How We Did It

A Plan of Attack, Made Tangible

Starting with the wireframes, we focused on the user flow of the dashboard, as well as the specifics around the four user roles. We created a wireframe for each page of the dashboard in each user role view, paying attention to small details, such as how different inputs in the pricing table affected other table fields. After client revisions and approval, we were ready to begin development. hayWire typically works with WordPress only, but for the needs and size of this project, we recognized that we needed to rethink this.

Prototype to Design

Establishing Function, Implementing Beauty

The Finished Project

Faster, Better, Sleeker

Using Laravel, we are able to create a web application that behaves exactly to the customers specifications in a way that allows for maximum flexibility and performance. The site also uses a JavaScript library (vue.js) for handling interactions between the user and the server. Without vue.js, the experience of adding, removing, deleting, and updating content would have required many more page loads and we wouldn’t have the near-instant updates that we were able to achieve. We utilized Twitter’s bootstrap as our base front-end styling, sweetAlert for prompts and alerts, along with gulp for combining and minifying our scss and js down to only a few files. With all of this working together behind the scenes, we successfully built a robust pricing sheet dashboard that allows the site to have the flexibility and ability to grow with the company.