iRevü is a cloud-based, easy-to-implement real-time performance management system delivered by Engagiant Inc. The tool facilitates frequent feedback between managers and employees to increase communication and performance, company-wide.

Our Mission

What We Set Out to Do

iRevü was in need of a new site to showcase the product and its features. A focus was on featuring a clean, colorful and easy-to-use interface to effortlessly navigate through the site. Ultimately, the end goal was to convert prospects into leads.

Services Provided

Responsive Web Design & Development


Graphic Design

How We Did It

A Plan of Attack, Made Tangible

Using custom design product mockups in numerous places throughout the site, the user was able to see, interact and dig deep into iRevü and its features. Custom copywriting brought the user face-to-face with the product in plain and easy-to-digest language. The site also featured a custom ROI calculator, an interactive pricing page and a relevant blog to speak to current HR practices. The site was ready to sell.

Prototype to Design

Establishing Function, Implementing Beauty

The Finished Project

Faster, Better, Sleeker