August Venture Talent is an executive search firm that partners with entrepreneurial leaders to build better teams. Located in Malibu, CA, Donna and her team specializes in matching top talent with organizations across the country.

Our Mission

What We Set Out to Do

Our mission was to deliver a personalized, expressive and functional website to match the work AVT was doing. The goal was to show the sophisticated personality of the team along with showcasing the company location of Malibu, CA.

Services Provided

Graphic Design


Responsive Web Design & Development

How We Did It

A Plan of Attack, Made Tangible

By using clear, precise and personal copywriting, we told the story of AVT. We used location-specific beach and boardwalk scenes to capture the spirit of Malibu. We also integrated a job board and a blog for AVT to post their positions and expertise.

Prototype to Design

Establishing Function, Implementing Beauty

The Finished Project

Faster, Better, Sleeker