HTI Labs’ mission is to provide reliable data and research on the causes of human trafficking, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault, and to identify strategies to counter these problems.

Our Mission

What We Set Out to Do

HTI Labs came to Red Branch with a need to showcase their company on a brand new website. The development was focused was on displaying product offerings, services and explaining how HTI Labs functions through data-driven research. Red Branch Media designed a logo and branding palette to accompany the website.

Services Provided

Responsive Web Design & Development

Graphic Design

How We Did It

A Plan of Attack, Made Tangible

After nailing the design and branding of the site, we built the site to present the value of HTI Labs. We added pages for each of their core offerings, a customizable home page header and editable widgets located throughout the site. The site incorporates all of HTI Labs key features, with the goal of bringing awareness to human trafficking, sexual and domestic violence as their mission.

Prototype to Design


The Finished Project