WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. As far as open source content management systems (CMS), WordPress takes the cake with 66% market share. What some people may not know is that it originally started as a blogging platform, but thanks to plugins and web developers it evolved to become the CMS it is today.

So why do we and many other web designers use WordPress as our system of choice? Simple.

1. Open Source

WordPress is open source which basically means it’s free and available to anyone. The benefits? Developers from across the globe are contributing towards the improvements of the system AND since it’s not proprietary, it doesn’t tie you to us (or any other web design company).

2. Availability of Plugins

Since WordPress is so widely used it also has a plethora of plugins available. What are plugins you may ask? Plugins are to WordPress sites as Apps are to an iPhone (sorta). For instance, if you wanted to a certain function on your site you can likely almost find that feature available in a WordPress plugin- paid or free. The other option would be to build it from the ground up, but that’s not really efficient or cost-effective.

3. Ease of Use

To be fair, we haven’t use very many other content management systems so it’s hard to compare. What we can say is WordPress is very easy to use with proper training and foundational computer knowledge. We always say if you know how to operate Microsoft Word then you’ll have a pretty good handle on WordPress. (Note: Not all WordPress sites are built the same so make sure the web developer or web design company you choose is using best practice methods)

WordPress Ain’t For Everyone

So while WordPress is great to use for most sites we know there are exceptions. Large, enterprise-y, SaaS-y, or complex sites may sometimes require a custom CMS built from the ground up and maintained internally. These are BIG budget projects. For everything else, WordPress is a great option.

Need help in deciding if WordPress is right for you? Better yet, have you decided you want to use WordPress and now you just need to pick a web design company? Contact Us!

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