Recently decided to get a new website? Great.

Picked out a web design company to work with? Awesome.

Want to get the most out of your new website? Here’s how.

Having worked on over 60+ websites builds, I’m come to the conclusion that the best websites are the result of this type of client/web design agency interaction:

1. Constant Communication

Some of the best websites we’ve ever built have been with clients who were responsive when we would submit deliverables and requested feedback. Timely responses and thorough feedback have been instrumental in more efficient and effective projects.

2. Trust the Company

If you picked a web design company, we are assuming you did your research and found them to be experts in their field. As such, us web designers LOVE it when clients provide input while trusting that we have the clients best interest in mind…whether they know that to be true or not. Our goal is to create a site that you love, but ULTIMATELY a site that your prospects love.

3. Provide Us What We Need

Many times a project gets delayed because the client has failed to provide us information…be it hosting information, photos, content, etc. This problem is two-fold. 1.) Has the web designer given you a list of things you need to provide? 2.) Have you provided it in a timely manner?

Ultimately, my belief is that 80% of how smoothly things go (or don’t go) really falls on the web design company. Because we build websites day in and day out we should have a great process that guides and educates clients as things move along. You, as the client, are definitely responsible for your portion of getting things we need. If everyone does their part, then it leads to a great website AND a great experience for the clients.

We have vowed that our client experience will be the factor that sets us apart and makes us better. Want to find out for yourself? Hire Us.

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