A lot of companies, throughout a lot of industries are choosing the leaner, meaner approach. This means having a great presence on the web while investing less on a physical storefront. Products are now available at the click of a mouse or the tap of a thumb. This is all from your couch, in your comfy home as well.

But What about a Brick and Mortar Office?

Brick and mortar business are great (and there will always be a place for them), but no longer as necessary as they once were.  I’m sure we all know a ton of examples of where brick and mortar business failed while online businesses have thrived (Amazon vs Best Buy, Blockbuster vs online streaming, etc).

Take hayWire for example. Where so many web agencies have failed to get off the ground, hayWire chose to take things slow and stay lean. As a result – no concrete office, no expensive furnishings and most importantly, very low overhead. This allowed us to take things slow, and not take on unnecessary financial risks, which has been the pitfall of so many companies attempting to scale too fast, too soon. We’re proud to operate 100% debt free.

All we needed was a few good employees, some computers, and some design software.

Sure, the fancy offices are nice (and that’s not to say we won’t be there), but the life and longevity of the business are far more important than trying to impress you with a Herman Miller chair. It’s far better that we grow organically as a business and never have to do major layoffs or go bankrupt simply because we bit off more than we could chew.

Maybe that’s all your business needs as well!

With many people seeing the opportunities to become their own boss- starting a company may be less than you think (and not require a business loan) A high powered E-commerce site can do wonders in the place of an actual store front and help keep those startup costs minimal. Alternatively, a high-quality website can easily replace an office space for clients to book your services.

Find out today how we can help! 

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