You have to love the entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to shows like Shark Tank fueled by witnessing the success of internet companies, it’s hard not to want a piece of the pie. So before you contact any web design companies, here’s some advice so we can save us both time (and ensure you don’t bring us in prematurely):

Have an actual business plan

We see so many people come to us with an idea that they thought up one day on a piece of paper. That’s great but definitely come to us with more than a piece of paper. Have you thought through many components of the business including competition, revenue stream, ongoing maintenance, etc? At the very least do a SWOT Analysis.

Have a realistic budget

Though this article is a bit dated, I think some the estimates are on target. Oftentimes we have people contact us wanting to build the next big website with a budget of $10,000 or less. Technically…you could maybe build the beta for that amount and if you source your development overseas (cough*India*cough), however, there are more risks in quality and accountability.

Have a realistic timeline

Everyone wants to be first to market. It’s important, especially, if you believe you truly have a breakthrough, untapped idea. Having a realistic timeline that accounts for revisions, research, feedback, etc. is crucial to getting your website up (and with all the features in the initial launch). Two things we see many people don’t account for are:

1.) Their full-time jobs– You’re working and funding this thing being built and likely won’t see revenue coming in months (or even years) after it’s launched. Are you ok with that?

2.) Loss of momentum– This happens to everyone. We’re impatient people and if we don’t see immediate results then we find ourselves less and less interested in the idea. Do you have a way to reignite the passion in this business if you don’t see returns in the timeframe that you had hoped?

Don’t get me wrong. We want to help you with your idea, but we also want to make sure you come to us prepared so that our meeting is as productive as possible.

So if you’ve thought through these items and have a super amazing startup idea, then by all means hit us up!

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