Christmas is almost here and the hustle and bustle of shopping, ordering, wrapping, and exchanging can be a bit overwhelming. Companies are getting ready to “wrap up” for upcoming time off and no one is feeling particularly motivated.

Among the chaos, if there’s one thing that you shouldn’t overlook, let it be this: Christmas/Holiday Cards.

I’m not talking about the cheesy pre-printed cards that appear to be personable but really aren’t. (Because after all, how many of us have received those and didn’t give it a second thought?) But really, it gives you a reason to contact your clients and prospects and to further stay top-of-mind.

Give something meaningful. (Bonus points for those who can make it stand out.) Some ideas to get the ball rolling are:

  1. An actual, handwritten card. The only criteria would be on a presentable card and sincerity.
  2. A thoughtful idea. We usually team up our cards with some charitable reason or cause- you can steal this idea.
  3. Cool material. Shiny paper, wood paper, metal, or even 3D cards would be all good idea.
  4. Include an interesting gift. This could be something that goes along with the thoughtful ideas listed above or something more memorable than a box of chocolates. Custom, branded products are cool too!

Any combination of these ideas would make for a great greeting. Just make sure to do something.

If you haven’t sent out anything this year, that’s another opportunity missed (unless you have a clever explanation for its late arrival). On the flip side, you have more time to brainstorm your creative idea for 2016. If you find yourself stumped, hit us up for some unconventional inspiration!

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