You know how in your industry you can easily tell the quality and caliber of work from glancing it over for a few seconds. What might be hard to spot to the average person, you notice immediately.

Well for us, that’s noticing the difference between truly custom sites and template/pre-made websites that are sold as “custom”.

Now let’s get one thing straight. We’re not knocking the use of template sites because every web developer has worked with one before. They’re usually cheaper and faster to turn around so that’s a good selling point. But what we are knocking is when web developers sell template websites as custom website (and charge accordingly too). It infuriates us when we hear stories of many people who are taken advantage of by these scammers and sold templates websites at the price of custom.

So here are some ways you can safeguard yourself against purchasing a falsely “custom” site:

1. Check the look of previous work they’ve done and ask yourself “do the sites look like they match the logo?”-  Does it appear if the logo belongs into the design or is it a sore thumb sticking out of a template website? Are the colors, styles, and shapes used around the website correspond the same “feel” as the logo?

2. Ask them if you can can easily change the design BEFORE development starts-  Most templates are difficult to change the overall look because the design is already done so they’ll likely tell you no. Most custom websites designs are easily changed before development.

3. Lastly, ask for a professional opinion. We are happy to review and give you a second opinion and show you good indicators of whether you’re buying a good value.


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