Back in September of 2012 LinkedIn introduced Endorsements. With one easy click, you could easily endorse a someone for a skill that they claim to have on their profile. The idea seemed great because now there are people backing up your claim, right?!


While it may have started out with people who could honestly vouch for your skills, LinkedIn soon turned it into a game of who can get the most endorsements. For a time (and possible still) when you log into your account one of the first things you see is how you can easily endorse people- in fact, 4 at a time. See below:


Now the problem with this is about 90% of the time, you truly can’t say you’ve worked with these people in these facets. I know personally because I’m constantly endorsed by people that I’ve never worked on a project with! While I appreciate my family and friends endorsing me, they truly don’t know how I perform in that skill- if at all.

I realize this isn’t new information for seasoned LinkedIn users, but I thought I should make anyone else aware of this feature. It simply can’t be trusted.

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