It happens to every business.

We get sized up against a company that we know full well we don’t consider a competitor. It’s not fair when prospects believe us to be equals when we may believe we share nothing in common.

So…how do we bridge this gap?

Tell it like it is

No need for name dropping on your website, but I think if you get the opportunity to meet face-to-face then it would be wise to outline who you think are your competitors and why. There’s no bashing here. In most instances, you have no idea who you’re running up again. However, I think it’s wise to actually explain the industry, explain who you consider are competitors, and why they are competitors.

So what happens if that face-to-face never happens?

The first contact with most prospects comes in either email or phone, so one powerful question worth asking is “What are you looking in the company you want to work with?”

Then they may say something like “quality, reliability, price”.

To which you would respond, “Great! We possess those qualities along with companies X, Y, and Z”

Yes. I just told you to name off your competitors because any company that has the balls to do that is worth working with because they’re honest to a fault. And honesty is hard to come by these days.


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