I recently participated in a local race and like most committed procrastinators, I logged onto the site just 2 days before the race to prepare for the actual race logistics.

For those that have also run a race, some common things you need to be aware of including:

  • Packet Pick-Up
  • Actual Course including any special milestones and water points
  • Time to arrive/Time to line up

So why am I telling you all this?

Because their website was horribly organized and I had to search high and low for these very basic need-to-know items. Many of these VERY important facts were buried in the FAQs of all places and to make it further more ambiguous it was called “Skype Q&A Sessions” which to me sounds like a future event or live event in which you participate (instead of finding information).

Let it be known that if a bulk amount of your important information is found in your FAQs section (such as location, hours, contact, etc.) then your site is likely poorly laid out and causing your users an unnecessary amount of frustration.

Frustration leads to a bad experience. A bad experience leads to going to your competitors. Going to your competitors means loss of business. Loss of business means overspending on desperate marketing tactics. Overspending on desperate marketing tactics leads to unsustainable spending. Unsustainable spendings leads to bankruptcy.

In summary, if you don’t want to go *bankrupt then you need to consider a more thoughtful design on your website with pertinent information easily found. Don’t know how to do that? That’s ok, contact us for a Free Marketing Consultation.

*We may have exaggerated slightly on the bankruptcy part, but it really is a huge source of frustration to your users.

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