Is email a primary function for your business? Do you contact leads through email? Are you ever so curious to know if people are opening your emails?

Yesware for email is delivery confirmation for snail mail- and much more.

For the last 2 years I have been using Boomerang for Gmail for email scheduling. I’ll admit it. Sometimes I work at night except I don’t want to appear as if I’m working at night so I simply schedule my emails to go out the next morning. Or other times, I respond to an email right away but at the risk of appearing desperate, I’ll schedule it to send a few short hours later. Boomerang was working great for me…until I discovered Yesware.

So what does Yesware have that Boomerang doesn’t?

Email tracking. It notifies me when someone opens my email and keeps a record of it. This is particularly useful for several reasons:

1. I know when proposals were reviewed/received so I can follow up appropriately.

2. If something was being disputed in regards to receiving an email, I would have concrete proof that it was viewed.

3. It even tracks when links or attachments are opened!

Now there are several other features and integrations (Salesforce, etc.) that are of no use for me now, but these features are there.

Call it what you will, but this has allowed us to close deals more effectively and given us useful information on our sales process. In the course of using their free trial, we have changed our email pitch, rewritten how proposals are presented, and are more mindful of subjects lines.

Regardless of your industry, I highly recommend that you go through the trial and see what new insights can be gained.

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