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We make great logos at Red Branch Media and HayWire, but have you wondered how we do it? In this logo vault edition, discover the story of Hive Tech HR’s logo. This was the first logo I created at Red Branch Media, and it’s one of my all-time favorite logos I’ve made. Go behind the scenes from the initial call to the finished product. HR buffs, we present to you the official Hive Tech HR logo, and if you’re jealous, hit us up for a logo refresh or completely new logo!

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Check out our logo live on the Hive Tech HR website, here!

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What They Wanted

Jeremy Ames and Lindsay Garrity of Gaucho Group came to us looking for a complete company rebrand. They were looking to take the HR tech universe by storm, and they relied on us to make their new rebrand a force to be reckoned with. Their hope was to make a new website and logo with the new name of “Hive Tech HR.” We immediately took a call to discuss the game plan and get a complete understanding of their company and vision. Their company is, “…the market leader in hands-on strategic HRIS consulting…” and offers, “…a trusted voice when selecting, implementing and troubleshooting any HRIS or HCM issue.” We were then ready to begin developing logos. They were open to our creative input, but did have 2 simple guidelines to follow.

Logo Must-Haves:

  • Using hives as a design element
  • Color palette should be red, silver and yellow — or — yellow and black
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What We Created

Following the guidelines they provided, we were able to run through our 3-round logo process with ease to create 12 fresh logos for Jeremy and Lindsay to choose from. The logos featured above feature multiple contemporary sans serif, serif and slab serif fonts that have a clean and modern edge since they’re in the HR tech world. In addition to following their suggested color palette, we also created a few logos that use orange, purple and teal colors for an added variety. Finally, we made sure to integrate the hive shape in unique numerous articulations.

hive tech final logo

Their Decision

Jeremy and Lindsay chose logo #7 to represent the Hive Tech HR brand. This logo is a beautiful choice that follows their guidelines of a red, silver and yellow color palette while utilizing a hive shape. The main highlight of this logo is that it displays 3 hives with a metallic and shiny appearance that represents both their space (technology) and their 3-step “Phase” process. What’s more is that this logo is timeless and is comprised of contrasting fonts with 1 sans serif and 1 serif font — a design principle that helps a logo appear more compelling. To add more authority to the logo and help it stand out even more, we added a line in between “Tech” and “HR” that helps the company name become more understandable to target audiences by breaking it up to read “Hive Tech” (a technology-based consultancy company) and “HR” (the space).

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Overall, this logo is a powerful representation of their company and we’re ecstatic they choose it. Though we use our 3-round logo process for every logo we create at Red Branch Media, this was our first logo we developed using this method. And it turned out amazing. Did this story inspire you?

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