It happens to every good business.

You try so hard to be known as a hardworking, honest business just to have industry perceptions destroyed by some amateur that’s out to get a buck. Because the cost to entry in the web design world is very low (A computer is really all you need), there are tons of players. Some great web designers/web developers and some not-so-great…

I’ve heard the struggles and the frustrations and so please allow me to apologize on behalf of the web design industry.

I’m sorry…

  • For every time you launched a website and the web designer or web developer completely bailed and post-launch support was nowhere to be found.
  • That the sales pitch was amazing, but the delivery fell flat.
  • For all the poor communication you’ve experienced…or lack thereof.
  • You were sold a proprietary system which has forced you to stay with a company you don’t even like (because you can’t afford to leave).
  • That every time you want to make a small change or update that it takes FOREVER.

I don’t say this to call out other web development companies because I was once part of the problem.

Us web designers like to blame clients a lot, but truthfully, much of these problems can be avoided if we took responsibility and owned up to our mistakes. Mistakes in our communication, in our process, and in how we approach clients.

So there it is. I’m truly sorry for any bad experience you’ve ever had with a web design company and if it was us, I’m especially sorry.

We’d love to make it up to you, please contact us with your grievances and we’ll make it right. (even if it wasn’t our fault)

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