I can’t make this stuff up.

Over all the years I’ve worked on web design industry, I’ve been able to hear some of the interesting stuff that clients have told me. Some crazy, some weird, and some just downright unprofessional. Let these serve as red flags that you should jump ship!

So here are the five signs that you’ve picked the wrong web design company:

1. “When we were trying to decide colors, they first picked a color complementary to our logo and then pulled out a color wheel and literally did a 180 to come up with mustard yellow. We hate mustard yellow.”

2. “We were asked to select our own images for our site and were referred by our web company to select ClipArt”

3. “My web designer told me he was moving out of the country. I never heard from him again.”

4. “When designing our home page, the web designer asked us about our opinion for every single thing. Aren’t we paying you to be the expert and advise us?”

5. “They required 100% payment up front and did about half the work and we never heard from them again” OUCH!


So what are some ways you can protect yourself?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, talk to previous clients by visiting their portfolio/gallery/work/examples page. Don’t ask for referrals because everyone knows you’ll only get referrals of clients who will rate them highly. If you want unbiased truth, you have to find it yourself.


Never pay the entire amount upfront (unless you’ve previously worked with them). Any web design company that requires that 100% payment up front is highly suspicious or has cashflow issues.

Check their track record

Ask how long they’ve been in business? If they’ve done work with local businesses? Check for online reviews.

Due diligence pays and selecting the right web design company is hard work, but fortunately there are still some good ones out there.

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