Your website is the forefront of your business. Whether you realize it or not, it typically serves as the first touch point that a potential client has with your business. It’s your lead salesman and you need to give him the resources to succeed.

The truth is: your website’s design builds credibility OR tears it down. Let’s use the old hayWire site as an example. For all intents and purposes, let’s pretend Company A and Company B are current-day web design competitors.


Based off of your first impression, which company would you be more inclined to first reach out to?

If you chose Company B, you’re with the majority.

You’re probably thinking, “We’re just judging the sites based off of its design and looks… That doesn’t seem fair.” Fine, if you don’t want to do the “judging”, know that other people (as in potential clients) will.

You can compare this to the way that you physically present yourself.

Whether you’re trying to impress someone, show professionalism, or showcase your laid back personality, your style and physical appearance should mimic that.

Same goes for your web design.

Are you trying to build credibility, proving that you’re a quality and professional leader in your industry? Then make sure your website is representative of this.

Otherwise, the people will judge.

And, in turn, may be misled.

We can’t forget to mention the other variables in the equation: usability, functionality, and content. When all of these variables are at their peaks, congrats! You’re website has reached rockstar status. And trust us, your current and potential clients will notice.

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