hayWire started quite by accident, really.

At the time, I was a first-time mom to a beautiful baby girl and I had every intention at staying home to take care of her. There were no particular career ambitions or intent of finding work, except work found me. A year previously, I was a newlywed working at a small web design company in downtown Omaha. We found out we were having a baby so the commute from West to East Omaha wasn’t going to work out for our family.

Marketing has always been inherent since I was little so it’s not really anything I could shake off. Clients from this previous web design company were contacting me for work and initially I turned it down- just out of respect for the terms I left. Though I never worked with clients from this previous web development company, it did pique my interest in possibly pursuing something of my own.

Thus, hayWire was born.

I started off just offering consulting services as I had no tangible way of marketing myself. We started off with a very basic website (see above) and over time the clients would come in.

Where We Are Now

This clearly is the “short version” of the story, but every year we have grown since inception. People are starting to be aware of our company, referrals are coming in, and we have the privilege of having several repeat clients (5 to date) in which we created their original website and now are on to doing a second, updated version.

2015 is already slated to be our biggest year to date and we have added two full-time team members including Erin as our Project Coordinator and Matt as our Front End Web Designer.

The values that started this company still guide it today. We set ourselves our to be the best web design company in three ways:

1. Having Amazing Customer Service– We’ve been told that’s it “scary” how quickly we respond to emails- both for prospects and clients that have been with us for over 5 years. The support you’ll find here after we launch your site will be just as amazing as when we first met.

2. Having Amazing Design– If you look through at our Work, we are always striving to improve our design, development, and every possible thing regarding your website. The sites we build today should look nothing like the websites we build 1, 2 or even 3 years from now because we’re always on the ball about the latest web design trends.

3. Having Integrity– I was going to add “Amazing” but how do you have amazing integrity? (It’s just regular integrity, right?) We do right by our clients, admit when we’ve made mistakes, and always work towards our clients’ benefit. Don’t take our word, ask our clients yourself.

Want to know more? Maybe we should do lunch!

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