Hey Prospective Clients! We want to help you out and address some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients when we kick off a project. These always come to light when we’re reviewing the contract and people want to make sure they understand everything correctly.

1. After we pay you, are there any other ongoing costs?

Yes. There will be always two ongoing costs to website ownership; 1.) You need to pay to host the website which can range from $4-10/month for basic hosting.  2.) You always need to pay register your domain name which is roughly $10-$15/year.

As for other costs…we don’t require client maintain a retainer with us. You only need to pay us when you want work done. (Note: We build websites only to the current version of WordPress and therefore future versions may require some fixes on your site when you update)

2. Do I own the website?

Yes. You own the entire website. The only requirement we have is that you can’t use the code we created for your site to duplicate the site or try to resell it. Otherwise you own it entirely and are free to use any other web design company you want to maintain- although we have a pretty good track record for client happiness.

3. Who maintains or makes updates to the site?

For the most part, you do. We use WordPress because of the ease for clients to manage and update their own sites. Right before we launch a project, we sit down for a QA session with our clients and train them on how to use the site, page by page. Best part? If you forget then just shoot us an email and we typically get back the same day with some screenshots/instructions/screencast on how to make the updates.

Of course, we also offer website management and blogging services if you’re interested too.

Ultimately, we want to do the right thing. We purposely create proposals and contracts that are easy to understand and have no hidden motives or “catches” built in. We think this level of transparency lends insight into our work ethic as well. If you’re still in the deciding phases of a web design company, we’d love to be in the running.

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