Words are powerful. We know this first hand.

Earlier this year in January, I was testing out various opening lines on our home page to see which was most effective. They ranged from super casual (Wassup) to straightforward (Hi, we’re a web design company in Omaha). I would say that many of my web development competitors use the latter approach.

Then it dawned upon me.

Why were people TRULY selecting us after talking to several other web companies? Not because we’re the cheapest (because we’re not). Not because we can turn a custom website over in 2 days.

It was because of the experience we delivered.

We then positioned ourselves around the high level of customer service we offered which is why it now reads:

Anyone can build you a nice website.

But what really counts is a great building experience, thought-provoking design and content, and exceptional post launch customer service. Work with us and expect nothing less.

We took this a step further and now as part of our kickoff questions with our clients, we ask “What makes you different or better than your competitors?” This question has been the basis from some great discussion with clients and given them an opportunity to evaluate their business.

So there you have it. That was our secret that literally tripled our leads and is putting us on track to have our most profitable year ever.

Need help with your words? We can do that, give us a call today.

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