There are so many resources that tell you how to blog, but none which outline the very steps to fail at it. Many of you are already doing some of these things so this will sound familiar!

Step 1

Buy an industry resource and copy/paste it into your blog and try to pass it off as useful, original material. Plagiarizing is just as relevant too.

Step 2

Blog about things that no one truly cares about (except the person who wrote the blog). These include:

  • We just renamed our office Goldfish
  • Our Account Manager just adopted a Chinchilla
  • Anything that talks about yourself to make you seem cool, but has zero benefit to the reader.

Step 3

Don’t include a picture or any imagery. Instead, try to describe what you’re picturing in great detail.

Step 4

Skip out on all the links- internal and external. Bonus points if you make it really hard for someone to actually contact you about your blog post.

Step 5

Send out the blog to all your friends and family using bcc (thus not giving them the option to opt out) and ask them to share it with their friends.

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you (see step 4)? If you’re guilty of these offenses, we can help.

We are now offering monthly blogging for our clients, feel free to contact us to get started!




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