Justin W. Capp is a design and engineering firm based in Modesto, CA. They’re known for their agility and ability to work towards finding innovative solutions to complex problems. More importantly, they believe working collaboratively with clients will produce great outcomes.

Our Mission

What We Set Out to Do

Justin W. Capp are no strangers here at hayWire. Our story started in 2012 when they were first referred to us as a brand new engineering firm. They had a very simple logo and a very simple one-page site.

After speaking with Justin and understanding what he set out to do when he branched out on him own, we got to work to create an identity. As we designed their first site it was well above the industry standard and allowed them to show credibility and recruit talent.

It was much to our delight when they reached out to us earlier this year with an interest in designing their site again. This time making it mobile responsive (which wasn’t the norm in 2012). We needed to design a site with modern day practices and also design a more comprehensive way to display their new work.

Services Provided

Responsive Web Design & Development


How We Did It

A Plan of Attack, Made Tangible

When we started our initial research looking through other design and engineering firms, we were actually surprised that many of the websites seemed outdated- even the “big guys” had sites that left much to be desired. We knew we couldn’t draw inspiration from them so our next path led us to looking through examples of progressive start-ups in the Silicon Valley.

What’s true of most of our sites now is the layout is arranged in a “storytelling” format- unafraid of the amount of scrolling that would be necessary to take the user to the intended destination (pst…the call to action). We worked with Justin closely to figure out “the look” they wanted for the new site. In other words, they wanted to look like a grown up version of themselves while still coming off a personable small office. So look big and small at the same time, right?

We achieved this with the layout, textures, and through the copy. The copy evolved into a witty, grown up version of the former site and incorporated a lot of conversational/real talk. The design lent way to showcase the work a little more especially in the individual projects page. When we look back at our work on the original site, we’re pretty proud. When we look at this new site, we’re downright ecstatic!

Prototype to Design

Establishing Function, Implementing Beauty

The Finished Project

Faster, Better, Sleeker