Process People: You either love them or hate them. That’s for you to decide but we’re here to tell you that there are times when having a process in place is absolutely necessary.
Things work more efficiently.
Things get done right.
Communication is top-notch.
All parties are happy. And we all want that.

What you can expect:

Week 0

Project Kickoff: This relaxed and conversational meeting gives us a good idea of your business and its personality. We direct the meeting with thought-provoking questions, ranging from the site’s target audience to specific features and elements. Based off of this meeting, we have a good vision of how your new site will look and function.

Week 1

Site Map, Style Tiles: Prior to creating style tile options for you, we will need your logo in a high-resolution format (.eps or .ai). Otherwise, if you chose to go through a logo redesign with us, we’ll start by finalizing a logo and use that as the base for the style tiles. Style tiles are like carpet samples to a house and include all possible colors, fonts, buttons, and imagery that will be featured on the site.

Week 2

Homepage Wireframe: Here we focus more on strategy rather than eye-appealing design (don’t fret, that comes next). The homepage wireframe serves as a “blueprint” to your new site, including all features, menu options, and buttons that will appear on the actual site.

Week 3

Homepage Designs: Now to the fun stuff. We apply the chosen style tile to the wireframe, and whabam! You’ve got yourself a homepage design made from strategy and user-friendly design.

Week 4

Subpage Wireframes: We now create the wireframes for the remaining pages of your site. Again, these are just blueprints the help ensure the layout includes (or excludes) any and all features you are imagining for your new site.

Week 5

Subpage Designs: Now we’re talking loads of fun. We once again apply the style tile design to the subpage wireframes and, voila, you have yourself a fully designed website that’s ready for development.

Week 6

Development & QA: Sit back and relax as we push your design to life during this week of development. Once the first draft is ready, we put our QA hats on and conduct a thorough review of the site. We work out any noticeable kinks, we’ll send you a link to the draft site where you and your team can give it a comprehensive review as well. We’ll work through these together and polish it up in preparation for the launch date in two weeks.

Week 7

Site Training, Population, & Killer Copywriting: We sit down with you and take you step-by-step on how to maintain and update your WordPress site. This basically gives you the keys to the site and allows you to make quick changes without having to rely on anyone! With this knowledge and with some assistance from us, we’ll all get to work on populating and getting it up to speed for the launch date next week. If you’re a wise cookie and decided to invest in our copywriting services, this is our week to strategize and produce distinguished copy that the reader can’t get enough of.

Week 8

And Blast Off: Once we’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s, we’re ready to push the site live! As long as we have all of the hosting information from you, then we handle this step and save you the trouble.

Forever & Always

Support & Maintenance: You know those developers that you never hear from again after launching a site? Fear not because we’ve got your back for the long-haul. Forgot how to create a new page? No problem. We’ll send you an in-depth YouTube tutorial that’s specific to your site. Our general rule is if the change is less than 15 minutes, we’ve got you covered (within reason, of course).



* The project timeline is subject to change depending on the clients urgency with providing feedback and all necessary information.