“How do you do it?”

This tops the list as one of the most common questions that we receive from our prospects, clients, and partners.

How does hayWire manage to bring in new business without using traditional advertising methods? (Think newspaper ads, sponsorships for large conventions, and bus benches signage.)

The answer is simple and less expensive. 

Cut the tricks. Be real. Be open. Set expectations and meet those, in fact, exceed them if and when possible.

Who would have thought something free would have such a high return? All it takes is time and a great crew to follow you down the road of honesty.

How can your business implement this? 

It’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s about communication, guidance, and integrity.

  1. You know those sharp corners that are tempting to be molded into rounded edges? Yeah, don’t cut them.
  2. Be upfront about any issues you see in the horizon. Things don’t always go as planned and projects sometimes derail, but we know it’s our job to address these issues as soon as they arise, take ownership, and get the darn thing back on track.
  3. Be conscious of your client’s best interest and know that your goal is to not to manipulate them in any way.

If you still feel the need to trick people about your service or product, I assure you crowds will eventually catch on and your business will tank. You and everyone who represents your company (employees and customers) must be aware of the value behind your product enough to know there’s no hocus pocus involved. It’s simply a kick-butt product or service that meets (or even exceeds) the client’s expectations.

If your business isn’t built upon this methodology, it will take some time to get it going in full force so don’t exactly drop you current advertising techniques quite yet. Start from top down, and make sure your upper-level management leads by example. Once the “trick-free” ideology is embedded in everything they do, your employees will follow.

So… where do the treats come in to play? Asking for a friend, of course.

Ever ordered a pizza party for a client of yours to show you appreciate them? Or surprised them with lunch from their favorite BBQ joint? Consider doing so. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Avoid the BS. Be real. Be open. And reward your clients with treats.

And if you’ve done a good job, your clients will return the favor with honest 5-star reviews.

Happy Halloween from hayWire.

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