Twenty years ago, the words “death” and “salesperson” would never be found in the same sentence and if there’s one thing we learned, as technology changes, so do our selling techniques and business models.


The Obvious

With Yelp, Angie’s List, Google reviews, and social media, your business can grow (or plummet) overnight, which is one undeniable reason why the modern salesperson is losing the battle. Strangers become advocates for your company, while others may scare potential clients away with a horror story of their one unfortunate incident. People whom you may never meet in your life are selling (or discouraging) your product or service everyday – it’s your job to make sure they have more positive stories to share.


The Not-So-Obvious

You no longer need the word “Sales” or “Business Development” in your title to have the responsibility of bringing in new revenue. The truth is: every single individual that is employed through your company is a sales person. Yes, Jane from Accounting, Felipe from Human Resources, everyone who receives a W2 exposes your company to new people everyday. From the first detail listed on each person’s Facebook profile to awkward holiday meals with Uncle Richard who happens to be the city’s networking connoisseur, it’s impossible to predict who the next conceiver of your company will be. Whether we like it or not, your place of employment is always the go-to starting point of most conversations. If you empower your employees with the knowledge and responsibilities that are needed for their position and they are truly passionate about their job, sales will come easier. They will begin talking about their “job” as more of their “passion” and the traditional sales-pitch eventually turns into an authentic conversation about the truths behind your great product or service.


What does this mean for my business?

It all starts within the company. If you haven’t caught on, the denominator of your sales success ultimately depends on your business’ quality of product or services. If the quality is there, strangers of all types will advocate it, and your employees will be passionate about it. Start with that strong foundation and the results will amaze you.


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