What is one thing every business should know about themselves?

  • Is it who their closest competitor is?
  • Or who their target market is?
  • Or what about their service offerings?

In my opinion, while those are all great answers, I think it’s something else.

The one thing I think that every business should know about themselves is….their competitive advantage. What makes them better than competitors? Why should I choose them over someone else? What’s the secret sauce?

The crazy thing? Many companies we’ve worked with could not pinpoint their competitive advantage. Many can list off things they do well, however, they could not name that one thing.

Ours? We think we have a crazy awesome customer experience. We have a refined web design process which leads to met expectations which leads to a higher customer satisfaction. And we probably get more excited than our clients when they’re doing well as a result of our efforts. Don’t believe us, check out our Google+ reviews.

So we have to ask…what’s your secret sauce?

(Don’t know, that’s ok. We can help)

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