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To me, Slack is basically a 90s instant messaging service. Sure you can create and title different chat rooms, but when we tried it here at Red Branch Media & hayWire, we all HATED it. It derailed our productivity and people were getting frustrated by the incredible lack of features and user-friendliness. So why did we try it? Slack was one of those “cutting-edge” platforms geared toward Millennials, and seeing that our office is mainly composed of Millennials, we gave it a try. I’m here to tell you we found a better solution, and it’s called Bitrix24. Designers, project managers, agency employees, THIS is your platform, and I’m happy to share why.

“Stop using Slack. I hate it; you also should hate it. It’s distracting. It murders productivity.”

– Benjamin Pollack, bitquabit (@bitquabit)

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Bitrix24 > Slack with A Familiar & Better UI

First and foremost, the Bitrix24 user interface (UI) wins over Slack. Why? It works like an internal, personalized Facebook account with all of your friends being your employees. This makes the interface familiar, and like Facebook, includes an “Activity Stream,” sorting most recent to last and has commenting and “Like” features. The overall interface is easy to pick up. There’s a sidebar menu on the left, an activity sidebar on the right and a search feature up top.

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In addition to the familiar layout, Bitrix24 gives you even more ways to communicate with your team using “Polling,” “Announcements” (it immediately pops up on each individual employee’s right sidebar and must be read in order to get rid of it), “Appreciations” (to call out employees), and a few other awesome features to post to your company timeline.

Bottom Line: Bitrix24 is easier to understand with its familiar UI and expanded conversation features. Check out the full interface capabilities, here!

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Bitrix24 > Slack with An Amazing Task Manager

Unfortunately, Slack doesn’t even offer a task manager. The Bitrix24 task manager, however, is a LIFESAVER and quite figuratively my LIFE-LINE as the Design Team Lead here at Red Branch Media and hayWire. Tasks are organized by “Workgroups” (client groups, which I’ll review next) and displayed individually under each group. The thoroughness of this task manager and its exclusive capabilities are what I love and rely on.

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When you’re setting a task, it can be assigned to any employee, given a deadline, a title, task information, upload attachments, create an interactive checklist in the task information and can even set the task to be TRACKABLE – meaning there’s a built-in timer that can be turned on and off by the employee it’s assigned to so you can give exact estimates to clients. You can even create task templates and set repeating tasks for those repetitive deliverables. But wait, there’s more! Each completed task is auto-archived in each “Workgroup” page, meaning you can go back and review all of your deliverables and times so you can take this data and create monthly reports and bill your clients properly and fairly. Seamless. Effective. Extremely useful.

Bottom Line: There’s no contest here, Bitrix24 offers a comprehensive task manager that Slack doesn’t even provide. Check out the full features of the task manager, here!

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Bitrix24 > Slack with Workgroups & Many Other Features

I will hand it to Slack for offering app integration. While you can share your projects seamlessly, it’s still not as effective as Bitrix24 because of the lack of better UI. Bitrix24 tips the scales here with the number of additional features it offers. Pair Bitrix24 with G Suite and you’re on your way to the best workflow of your life. So, here are my top 5 favorite additional key features Bitrix24 offers:

  • Group Chat” – Allows you to create customized chatrooms to talk to your team, adding as many members you’d like to each room. Take that, Slack!
  • Mobile App” – Allows you to talk to your team on the go. It’s extremely useful for pairing with “Push Notifications” on your device so you never miss a thing!
  • Wiki Pages” – When you create a client “Workgroup,” you can give them a description under the “Wiki” page. This is perfect for uploading brand guides, font files, color palettes, etc. for your team. Basically, this means they can access and reference these at any time, anywhere. As an added bonus, any time a user makes a change to a “Wiki” page, you can have it posted on the “Activity Steam” so everyone is updated immediately.

Bottom Line: While Slack can integrate with apps, Bitrix24 crushes them with the number of awesome features it offers. See everything Bitrix24 can do, here!

Read more about how integrating G Suite can revolutionize your business, here.

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To me, Bitrix24 is a no-brainer. It’s your complete, all-in-one platform that’s easy to understand and perfect for the freelance or agency designer. Therefore. you’ll never have to worry about documenting projects and times without a process ever again with the “Task Manager.” Enjoy talking with your team on a familiar user interface and discover what makes Bitrix24 amazing with its abundance of features and capabilities.

What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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