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Get ready for another mind-blowing logo from our logo vault! In this edition, our Coloradan neighbors to the west, Freedom Healthcare Staffing, reached out for a rebrand and website update. Keep reading to see how we wow’d them!

Check out our logo live on the Freedom Healthcare Staffing website, here!


What They Wanted

Freedom Healthcare Staffing is a travel nursing travel agency that takes pride in supporting their nurses offering exclusive, industry-leading benefits. Originally, Freedom Healthcare Staffing didn’t want to deviate from their logo design too much. After a little strategic discussion, they gave us the reigns and allowed us to take their beloved logo to a whole new level. We established elements they felt were necessary to the design of their new logo, but they expressed interest in branching out and simplifying. Below is the list of elements they wanted integrated.

Logo Must-Haves:

  • Keep the old colors of pinks, yellows and blues
  • Make “Healthcare Staffing” appear as a tagline
  • Keep the butterfly as the representation of Freedom Healthcare Staffing

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What We Created

We made sure to honor Freedom Healthcare Staffing’s requests for their new logo. Since the requests weren’t too abundant, we were able to design a nice variety for them. We felt that a darker pink or navy would make a great primary color, while incorporating a variety of sans serif fonts and at least two serif fonts. For the tagline, we designed in both caps and sentence case. Since the previous logo showed a full butterfly, we tried creating a few simplified versions of the butterfly by presenting it in a “side-view”. For a final touch, we incorporated a linear gradient from yellow to pink to give the logos a bit more life.

Side Note: We work hard to provide our clients options when designing important brand elements like a logo. The variety helps them imagine the possibilities while giving enough option to make it their own.

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Their Decision

The Freedom Healthcare Staffing team chose logo #9. They loved the updated and fresh take on their old design and couldn’t wait to roll it out with their new website. Some of the key features that made this logo stand out is the italicized text which carries the movement from the butterfly through the letters. The simplified butterfly with the linear gradient brought a modern appeal while the capped tagline text aligned with the bottom of the butterfly for an added unique touch. Another strong feature of this logo is the dark pink primary color that naturally grabs the viewer’s attention and draws their eyes to the logomark and company name.

The Freedom Healthcare Staffing team was happy to let their new logo shine as they unveiled their new branding with the launch of their website. Their new look presents their values and message completely, and we couldn’t be more excited for them. Their great communication and direction helped lead us to the perfect solution for their brand. It truly was a pleasure working with their team. Visit their new site and take in their logo!

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