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By Kyle Christensen

It’s true. The things you love become a part of your life. It’s also true that since we graphic designers love our jobs, our habits become interwoven into our daily lives. Today, I’ve decided to share with you 3 of my unconscious habits that as a graphic designer, I do on a daily basis. If you’re a designer too, I’m sure you can relate.

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Unconscious Habit #1: Arranging Items as if it Were a Mockup

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 4 years now, but only last month I noticed something pretty hilarious. As I was setting the dishes I washed on the drying mat, I noticed how neat, perfect and organized they were. Then it hit me… I created my own dish mockup that looks exactly like a stationary mockup. The silverware was placed in a row (much like pencils), the coffee pot to the right (like a letterhead), and my coffee cup and lid above them (like an envelope, front and back). Now this wasn’t the only time I’ve done this. I’ve done this unconsciously when setting out my food to pack for lunches, laying out laundry on my bed, etc. The list goes on.

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Unconscious Habit #2: Critiquing Local Logos, Billboards, Menus, etc.

This happens a lot. I’ll be driving home from work and see a billboard, watching TV with my wife, or noticing a logo’s font choice… and can’t help but critique them. That billboard? Horrible. That last commercial? The last frame didn’t display the logo long enough. That company van that drove by? That’s Futura in their logo… next time be original. Look, we’re graphic designers and we want nothing more than making the world around us look amazing. So when your company’s graphic design game isn’t on point, we can’t help but say “oh my god…” and want to fix it.

I’m not the only one, though. Check out what Carrie Cousins has to say on the Webdesigner Depot article, “15 warning signs you might be a designer”:

“From street signs to letters in the mail, kerning opportunities are everywhere. Why doesn’t everyone else see them?” – Carrie Cousins, freelancer (@Carriecousins)

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Speaking of font choices, if you don’t know where to start, check out my article, “Design 101: Tips to Using the Best Fonts.”

Unconscious Habit #3: Noticing Spelling Errors like Nobody’s Business

Facebook is fun, and by now, I’m sure you’re quite familiar with all of the images people like or share that pop up on your timeline. What drives me nuts? Seeing spelling errors. I know that we’re only human and even I make spelling errors sometimes, but when I see them in the world, it’s easily comparable to nails on a chalkboard. That funny quote with Despicable Me “minions” I just saw on my Facebook timeline just turned into an image that boils my nerves because you honestly posted a picture that says “good tmies” instead of “good times.” Case in point, spelling errors destroy credibility, boil nerves and will hinder your message from getting across. I mean, if you really want to humor yourself, check out Hubspot’s “16 of the Worst Typos, Grammatical Errors & Spelling Mistakes We’ve Ever Seen.”

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Did you know that spelling errors are one of the most common design mistakes? Read the full article, “Design 101: 3 Overlooked Design Mistakes You Might Be Making & How to Avoid Them” here.

These are just a few of the many things that happen to us in living a life as a graphic designer. While we see the world differently than others, our intentions are pure. We just want that billboard to look better, we want your company to be more original in their font choice and when you post something on Facebook, make sure you check your spelling. We will notice. And hate it. Before you head back out into the world, check out one of my favorite designer-relatable posts from the website DesignContest titled, “20 Signs You’re a Designer.”

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