Taylor Swift’s resume reads: song writer, guitarist, heartbreaker, and marketing genius.

Seriously. No one knows how to connect to her fans quite as well as Taylor Swift, and she killed it in 2014. Here’s a little summary…(in case you didn’t know).

1. 1989 Secret Sessions– Leading up to the release of her album 1989, she invited handpicked fans from her social media accounts to come listen to the album at one of her homes.

2. Crashes Fan’s Portrait Session– While out on a jog, she randomly starts taking photos during a young girl’s photo session.

3. She Shows Up a Bridal Showers– A fan sent her an invite (likely not expecting to her to come) and she does. With a gift!

4. Swiftmas Extravaganza– She topped off the year by sending gifts to fans that she wrapped, sent, and selected by herself. Not to mention, she included a handwritten note personalized to each person.

On top of all that, she’s known for randomly showing up at hospitals to visit with fans.

Ok so this brings me to your business. You’re not an attractive 20-something international superstar, HOWEVER, you are a business that likely has some loyal customers, right?!?!

Let’s start with that.

So what have you done recently to delight/amaze/wow these clients? And no, customer loyalty cards don’t count.

  • Have you written a handwritten thank you card?
  • Sent a gift for a client who recently had a baby?
  • Randomly bought their meal (if you’re a restaurant)?
  • Called them just to check on them- WITHOUT the intent to sell.
  • Taken them out to lunch?
  • Surprised them with food for their office?
  • Referred business to them?

Please tell me you do these things.

So maybe a major newspaper won’t publish your good deeds if you do this, but I can tell you that your clients will notice…and they might tell someone, they might publish it on social media, or better yet, they might continue to do more business with you and recruit a few others to do the same.

Need help putting this into practice? Give us a shout out and we can surely SWIFTicize your marketing.

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